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Serging & Binding of Area Rugs in Houston & Tomball

Serging is a way of providing the rug with a finely finished appearance. Depending on the rug’s construction, both hand and machine serging are provided to the rug, and we have a team of experts to do this at Great American Rug Cleaning. For the past three decades, our IICRC-certified craftsmen have provided the highest quality of serging & binding services for area rugs in HoustonThe WoodlandsTomballKingwoodMontgomery, and other cities throughout our service area

When serging & binding are impacted, the rug loses its luster and will need to be repaired by Great American Rug Cleaning. As are certified Master Rug Cleaner, we also perform top-notch rug repairs, including serging & binding repairs. To learn more, call us at 281-502-8878 or click here to make a reservation for services today!

Serging & Bindings of Area Rugs in Houston & The Woodlands, TX

Serging & Binding by Great American Rug Cleaning Co.

In the case of high-end area rugs, a cotton or synthetic thread must be used in order to protect them and keep them from unraveling. If the rug requires edge repairs, we reinforce them prior to serging for durability and long-lasting repairs.

When a tufted carpet is made into rugs, binding is primarily used for repairing them. A narrow strip of fabric is placed over the raw edge of the rug and then secured to prevent fraying, in order to give the rug a nice finished look.

Let Us Handle the Serging & Binding of Your Area Rugs in Houston

For almost 30 years, The Great American Rug Cleaning Company has provided superior rug repairs for customers in Harris County and Montgomery County, including serging & binding services. Some of the benefits of choosing Great American include:

  • 100% risk-free guarantee
  • 30K+ rugs washed since 1993
  • 22K+ customers served
  • Certified rug specialists

When you need our help in League City, The Woodlands, Shenandoah, New Waverly, Oak Ridge North, and other cities within our service area, be sure to give us a call at 281-502-8878 or click here to arrange serging and binding services for your home or office in the Greater Houston area.