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YA plush rug can be the showpiece of any space. But the outside pollution and high foot traffic make it easy for the rugs to become dirty quickly. Additionally, if the dust is left on the rug for a long period, it can settle in and start damaging the rug fiber. The rug suffers significant harm from dirt, which rubs on the yarn, causing fiber scratches, wear-tear, and reducing the sheen. To extend the life of your rugs, it's important to perform regular maintenance. Here goes some helpful tips & tricks to maintain your rug aesthetics:

Regular Vacuuming Procedure

rug vacuum cleaning

Vacuuming frequently is essential if you want to increase the lifespan of your area and oriental rugs. Regular vacuuming is the most essential part that you can't skip because there can be a lot of foot traffic inside the house and around the property. Here, vacuuming can help you keep your rug fresh and minimize the amount of dust or dirt in it.

Rotate The Upholstery Settings Once in a While

Moving the furniture around your property frequently can be very beneficial to extend the life of your rugs. Because of doing this, you are preventing rug damage from accumulating in the same places. In the long run, the rug won't look as worn out in different places.

cleaned rug on floor


Treat The Spills Immediately

Accidental spills can be a regular incident if you have pets or children in your home. But if you let the spills stay for a long time, the stains can settle in and be very difficult to remove. That's why it's necessary to treat the spills as soon as it happens. But some stains might be very tough to remove. That's where professional rug cleaning can help.

Apply Rug Protectant

The most effective way to increase the lifespan of your rug is to use a rug protector. This can be applied using the new-edge technology that keeps any spills away. A barrier is applied to the fibers to protect the rugs from the inside out.

Professional Rug Cleaning

A rug cleaning expert can handle every rug with care, fix any damage and help expand their life cycle. And to serve this purpose, the Great American Rug Cleaning Company offers a comprehensive rug cleaning service all over the following areas - Bacliff, League City, Webster, La Porte, Deer Park, Pasadena, and neighboring areas in Texas.

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GARCC provided prompt pickup service which included through dry soil removal, pet odor treatment, rug detergent cleaning solutions applied and agitated with CRB machine before fresh water flush, rinse and sanitation bath. This process was repeated ...

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Great American Rug Cleaning Company first safely cleaned silk rug , then installed hook and loop wall hanging system.

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5 out of 217 reviews

We're glad we can enjoy our rug again after having your team clean it up for us. The rug pads are working wonderfully for us and they have eliminated the rug sliding hazard we were previously experiencing. Hope you all are well and we wish you...

Everything looks great

Humble, TX

We are very pleased with our runners that were cleaned and repaired. They are clean and lovely. Everyone that helped us was so nice. The gentlemen that came to our home were friendly and on time. We really appreciate it. We will call on you again and...

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