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Great American Rug Cleaning Company Sponsors a Child in Bangladesh

We at Great American Rug Cleaning Company are like a family. That being said, the majority of our team members, aside from being amazing employees, are also parents. Being a parent is very emotionally rewarding. And we all agree to watching a child grow fully nourished and in a favorable environment for growth is a heartwarming thing. This is why when our colleagues told us about “sponsoring a child in Bangladesh through Shapla Foundation”, we took the leap to help out this child who could use a “more favorable environment”.

Joshna Akter

Joshna Akter

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Sponsored Since: Jan 10, 2023

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Joshna is the youngest of two sisters. Her mother has to support their family alone, as her father left them to marry another woman. He does not even bother to contact them anymore. Joshna's mother works as a maid at multiple houses to maintain their family. Her little income barely meets their necessities. It was not possible for her to bear her two daughter's educational expenses. So, Joshna's elder sister tutored other children in their neighborhood to pay their fees and other expenses. Through all the struggle, Joshna focused on her studies and worked really hard so that she can help her family as well. However, as a student herself, Joshna's sister cannot earn much. And now that they both are in higher classes their expenses increase as well. Now it is not possible for Joshna's sister to maintain both their education. If Joshna could get a sponsorship, her family would not have to worry about her education.

Sponsor a Child through Shapla Foundation

When a child accomplishes a milestone, the feeling is indescribable and incomparable. That’s the feeling we get every time we open a letter from Joshna or see her smiling face on our regular activity updates. Shapla Foundation has created an amazing and smooth process that allows its sponsors to monitor the breathtaking achievements of the kids.

Are you interested in sponsoring a child for only $1 a day? Visit Shapla Foundation to sponsor a child in Bangladesh

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