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Rug Cleaning and Repair in Houston & The Woodlands

We offer a delicate, but thorough, 10-Point Cleaning Process using the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Our experienced rug experts are well-trained and understand the appropriate cleaning procedures and solutions for your unique type of fine area rug.

Our specialty rug repair and restoration services include fringe repair, Oriental rug reweaving, secure rug side repair, and rug backing replacement.

Rug Cleaning in The Greater Houston Area

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For more than a quarter-century, the rug cleaning experts at Great American Rug Cleaning Company have taken pride in the cleaning, repair, and maintenance of priceless Oriental rugs and other fine textiles. Founded in 1993, our expertise combines with the new Centrum Force Rug Cleaning Technology to provide a breakthrough cleaning process for customers in HoustonMontgomeryTomballThe Woodlands, and other cities within our service area.

We understand the art and construction of rug weaving and the care of each unique rug. Our process includes inspecting each rug to ensure that we use the correct cleaning procedure to match the fiber content and dye structure. When you need our help, call 281-502-8878 or click here to make an appointment.

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Rug Cleaning and Repair

We Use the MOR Rinse Wringer for the Best Rug Cleaning Results

MOR's legendary automatic rug washing machine thoroughly washes, rinses, and wrings moisture and can accommodate area rugs up to 16-feet wide. Rugs are fed into the machine on one side and exit ready for dry hanging on the other.

MOR Machine

Benefits of the MOR Rinse Wringer

Using highly efficient spray jets and precision wringer rollers, The MOR Rinse/Wringer thoroughly rinses and extracts floor or tub-washed rugs leaving them ready for the drying room.

Rug Roller/Wrapper

The MOR Rug Roller/Wrapper is an innovative machine that enables us to complete the cleaning process with an efficiently rolled and paper-wrapped rug, ready for delivery.

Our 10-Point Process by Great American Rug Cleaning

Our 10-Point Process by Great American Rug Cleaning
  • Pre Cleaning Inspection Report
  • Rug ID Tag and Images Taken
  • Dry Soil Removal
  • Pet Odor, Soil Pre Treatment
  • Mor Machine Rinse Wringer Process
  • Centrum Star Wash Tub Sanitation Bath
  • Centrum Maxx Rug Wringer
  • Climate Controlled Drying Room
  • Final Fringe Cleaning and Detail
  • Post Cleaning Inspection and Wrapped for Transport.

Submersion cleaning along with our advanced CentriMaxx rug wringer and climate-controlled drying process allows for a rapid dry time when we clean area rugs at our state-of-the-art cleaning facility. This is very important as an extended dry time can diminish the integrity of the rug.

Our superior process also includes compressed-air dusting to remove particulate dry soil that can damage a rug's face yarns and prematurely wear and dull the fiber. For Oriental rugs that have incurred damage, we offer skilled rug repair done by hand for all types of rugs. When choosing care for all your Oriental rug cleaning and repair needs, you can depend on Great American. Rug repairs and appraisals are available on request.

Rely on Us for Superior Area Rug Cleaning in Houston & The Woodlands

At Great American Rug Cleaning Company, we have spent the past three decades as the Houston Metro Area's leading provider of Oriental rug and area rug cleaning & repair services. We understand the art and construction of each type of area rug and our process includes inspecting each rug to ensure that we use the correct cleaning procedure to match the fiber content and dye structure. When you need our help in HoustonMontgomeryTomballThe Woodlands, and other cities within our service area, simply give us a call at 281-502-8878 to learn more or you can click here to make an appointment today!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on Rug Process

What is the normal turnaround time for rug cleaning?

2-3 weeks. In order to provide our thorough 10-step cleaning process (including color testing, a thorough cleaning, and much more). 6-8 employees will be working on each rug to take it through our state-of-the-art cleaning process to ensure your rug smells and looks great.

I'm a bit nervous about having my rug cleaned. Can I see the process?

Absolutely! We invite you to come to our facility, have a cup of coffee, and see how our skilled rug cleaners handle rug cleaning and repair services. From pet odor removal to washing, and drying, we offer full tours for our customers. Call us today to book a tour!

Why are your prices different from your competitors?

Sadly, we get rugs from other rug cleaners often. They offer cut-rate prices but are unable to provide proper cleaning methods (sometimes done in your home which should never be done) or clean them at a sub-par facility that does not have specialized cleaning or drying equipment. Other rug cleaners offer pricing that seems too good to be true and can often result in problems that we end up having to correct.

How often should I clean my rugs?

It is better if you clean your rug once a week. But if it experiences a lot of foot traffic, then vacuum your rug at least twice a week. It is advised to ask for professional assistance every 8-10 months. They can provide deep clean-up services to remove the dirt from the deepest part of the fiber and increase the longevity of the rug.

Can I wash the rugs in the washing machine?

No. Cleaning your rugs in a washing machine is not recommended unless the manufacturer's labeling specifically says it's okay. Though without the right tools and methods, cleaning your rugs in a machine might cause severe damage.

Do pet stains disappear during rug cleaning?

Standard cleaning can not remove pet stains altogether. But Great American Rug Cleaning Company offers exceptional cleaning services that removes pet stains and makes your rug look new.

Are the cleaning materials environment-friendly?

Yes, the chemicals we use for cleaning are safe and pose no threat to the environment and pets. You can use your rug as soon as we deliver.

How does Great American Rug Cleaning Company clean rugs?

At Great American Rug Cleaning, We use a 10-Step Cleaning Process to clean dirt and debris from the deepest part of the rug fibers. This process ensures that even the tiniest stain is thoroughly cleaned and removed.

How much does it cost for area rug cleaning?

The size of the rug will determine the cost of area rug cleaning. Once the square footage (Length X Width) has been calculated, the per-square-foot rate is multiplied.

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