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Job completed for Iranian Silk Qom Rug Cleaned

Completion date: October 12, 2021

Location: Beaumont, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

Client: Cypress, TX Homeowners

Info: Clean, rinse, dry

This expensive and luxurious Iranian silk rug, called a Qom rug after its city of origin, was in excellent shape, but it was long overdue for a deep cleaning. Dirt and contaminants deeply embedded in the fibers were presenting the possibility of premature wear.

Although we offer a 20% discount for walk-ins, we also provide pick-up and delivery services. This service is free to customers living within 25 miles of Tomball. The Cypress, TX owners of this rug called and scheduled a day and time for us to come pick up their rug.

Solutions provided:

To remove the soiling from the tightly woven fibers, we used a process called compressed air dusting. Then we shampooed, thoroughly rinsed, and dried the rug, leaving it fresh, clean, and residue-free, as you can see in this image. When we delivered the rug, the owners were thrilled with the way the colors of the medallion motif in the center of the rug stood out once again.

Photos & Videos:

Iranian Silk Qom Rug Cleaned
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Iranian Silk Qom Rug Cleaned