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Sisal Rug Cleaning in Houston, Cypress, & The Woodlands

Sisal Rug Cleaning in Houston, Cypress, & The Woodlands

Natural fiber floor coverings, like Sisal Rugs, are relatively easy to maintain. This is because dirt does not cling to the hard fibers, but rests loosely in the weave.

Sisal rugs weave thickness and patterns can vary widely, however all are very durable and will last a long time if cared for properly. In addition, they are sound-absorbing, anti-static, and in some cases fire retardant – all wonderful qualities in a rug.

Great American Rug Cleaning Company offers professional sisal rug cleaning service in Katy, Brenham, Champions, Conroe, Cypress and nearby areas.

We will satisfy your highest expectations with our well-trained technicians and only professional equipment. Sisal rugs require special cleaning technique with the use of low power psi machines and low-level solutions to get a great cleaning result without the risk of a rug damage.

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Our Sisal Rug Cleaning Procedure

Rugs are cleaned at our facility-never in-home

Our 10-Point Process by Great American Rug Cleaning

Our Rug Cleaning Procedure consists of the following stages:

Our 10-Point Process by Great American Rug Cleaning

  • Pre-Cleaning Inspection
  • Unique Tagging
  • Dry Soil Removal
  • Color Fast Testing
  • Pre-Conditioning
  • Centrum Star Wash Tub process
  • Clean Water Rinsing
  • Centrum Max Rug Wringer
  • Post Wash/Wringer Inspection
  • Detailing and Grooming in a climate-controlled drying process.

Submersion cleaning along with our advanced CentriMaxx rug wringer and climate-controlled drying process allows for a rapid dry time when we clean area rugs at our state-of-the-art cleaning facility. This is very important as an extended dry time can diminish the integrity of the rug.

Our superior process also includes compressed-air dusting to remove particulate dry soil that can damage a rug's face yarns and prematurely wear and dull the fiber.

Sisal Rug Cleaning Equipment in Houston & The Woodlands, TX

Our Sisal Rug Cleaning Equipment

We use only top-brand professional rug cleaning machines. Depending on the amount and complexity of work we use different cleaning machines. We don’t deprive our clients of their rugs for a long time. You will not need to wait for weeks for your rugs to be delivered. We have 100% guaranteed satisfaction policy. In case if you are not satisfied with our rug cleaning service, we will send our technicians to redo cleaning again until you are satisfied completely.

Why Choose Us?

This particular rug cleaning is time-consuming and always needs to be cleaned by rug experts. If you are planning to call a local contractor to clean your rugs then first contact Great American Rug Cleaning Company to ease your hassle and get you a certified local rug cleaning contractor in your local area.

To properly clean and maintain a natural or synthetic sisal rug, it should be vacuumed regularly and professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. We also provide rug protection services like rug fringe repair, rug side repair, oriental rug reweaving, pet odor removal and many more!

  • Vacuum on both sides to prevent dirt, surface soil, and debris from settling into the rug.
  • Rotate the rug for even wear and to prevent soiling and damage from heavy foot traffic.
  • Blot spills immediately with a clean white cotton towel and removes any solid debris.
  • Have your rugs professionally cleaned to prevent staining?

Call us at 281-502-8878 or contact us online and we will send our experts in your surroundings for a professional clean that will keep your rugs looking like new! We also recommend a fiber protector to minimize the likelihood of a tough stain setting the next time a spill occurs.