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A beautiful viscose rug gives you the softness of silk without the cost. Soft, unusual viscose rugs might be hard to clean at home, with disappointing results. These rugs are particularly prone to be washed in water and vacuumed, making maintenance difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating. So a proper cleaning process is necessary to maintain the quality of the viscose rug.

Great American Rug Cleaning Company has an expert and professional crew who know the best way to clean your viscose rugs. You can get our rug cleaning services in Houston, Montgomery, Tomball, The Woodlands, and other cities within our service area. To clean your viscose rugs, call 281-502-8878 or contact us online today.

professional viscose rug cleaning on wood floor

Are viscose rugs easy to clean?

Viscose is a fragile fabric with easily broken fibers. Viscose rugs may be difficult to clean and maintain because of this. Cleaning area rugs with the significant number of the methods now in use might easily result in harm to the rugs. As an example, while cleaning the rug, if an improper amount of water is used, the fabric may quickly get stained or yellowed, and broken fibers cause the color to bleed and fade.

A result of this procedure is the production of cellulose-based fibers, which are very fragile and lose half of their strength when cleaned. That's why entrusting the cleaning of your priceless Viscose Rugs to a reputable company like Great American Rug Cleaning Company is important.

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All of our authorized professionals are trained to identify various rug fibers and structures, along with their possible issues and the necessary remedies. It's our job to bring out the best in your viscose rugs by using our most up-to-date rug cleaning technique. Call us now at 281-502-8878. We also clean many types of rugs including navajo rugs, persian rugs, oriental rugs, and more.